Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Bride’s Bookmark I sat down to write a personal message in the greeting card I would be giving the bride at her shower, and decided I wanted to include a Bible verse relating to marriage. Proverbs 31 (The Wife of Noble Character section) seemed like an appropriate passage. The problem was, I could not decideContinue reading “Bridal Shower Gift Idea”

Garage Makeover

Go ahead, call me crazy. Who makes over their garage, right? I won’t argue my sanity, but I did discover if you Google “garage makeover,” you will find some pretty intensive projects that are actually way more involved than mine. So, I feel a little better about my reaction when my husband suggested we spruceContinue reading “Garage Makeover”

DIY Dollhouse Turntable

When some friends of mine said they no longer wanted their lazy susan, I said I had the perfect repurposing for its retirement years. With the addition of some plywood, screws, and felt, I now have a spinning stand for my dollhouse. This makes displaying it more fun, as it can be more easily viewed fromContinue reading “DIY Dollhouse Turntable”

Cute as a peach!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a…watermelon?   My mom saw this idea on facebook a few days before she and I were throwing a baby shower for my sister. We decided to give it a try. I thought it turned out really cute! Here’s the easy schmeasy step by step. 1.Continue reading “Cute as a peach!”

Coffee Pot?

Having been married to a teacher for 14 years, I have seen my share of less-than-useful teacher gifts. They are sweet, well-meant, and sometimes very useful (like restaurant gift cards.) But…really, how many coffee mugs do two people need? (Especially when neither is a coffee drinker!) When my husband came home this week with hisContinue reading “Coffee Pot?”