The situation seemed hopeless. No one could be found. No one. No one who could do the one thing that needed to be done. The one thing that would set things in motion…that would set all things right. So he wept. And wept. But then… Someone said to him the simple but powerful words thatContinue reading “DO NOT WEEP. BEHOLD, THE LION”


I’m excited to announce the release of my first children’s book! I hope you – and the little ones in your life – enjoy it. I pray it brings you lots of grins, and giggles, and good times together! Here’s the scoop: There’s a T-Rex in my closet, and I don’t know what to do!There’sContinue reading “T-REX IN MY CLOSET”


It’s not easy. When you step off the playground, out of the classroom, and into the world of career and family, friendships are harder to define, develop, and maintain. What do healthy adult friendships look like? How can you be a better friend? And is it possible for imperfect friendships to glorify God? These areContinue reading “PERFECT FRIENDSHIPS FOR IMPERFECT PEOPLE”


Didn’t make it to the well today.Too much to do.Busy, busy. Later, yes, later.Didn’t make it to the well today.Feeling thirsty,but don’t have the time.Didn’t make it to the well today.Supplies running low.Maybe tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.Didn’t make it to the well today.Don’t think I need to.Probably I don’t need to.Didn’t make it to the wellContinue reading “Thirst”


My husband called from the other room, “Look out back! There’s a rainbow!” Since I enjoy rainbow sightings immensely, I rushed to the window. Here’s what I saw: It was beautiful, so I stepped outside to get a better look. And I’m so glad I did! What a blessing from God to walk into myContinue reading “GOD’S PROMISES ARE BEAUTIFUL”


The battle is fierce. The strongholds, formidable. Daily, we face terror from without…and within. We walk into this battle with self-control, resolve, desire, strategy, innovation. We hope to see victory in our lives, our hearts, our relationships. We stare into the face of pain and struggle and dig in our heels in hopes of achievingContinue reading “WE NEED BETTER WEAPONS”

Here’s Your Rock Solid Playlist for 2021

As I step into 2021, a year of unknowns, I can take that step with confidence. How? Because no matter what happens, there’s Another In the Fire, standing next to me. No matter what comes my way, His presence is My Weapon, so I have nothing to fear. Because no matter what others say orContinue reading “Here’s Your Rock Solid Playlist for 2021”