Bridal Shower Gift Idea

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Bride’s Bookmark

I sat down to write a personal message in the greeting card I would be giving the bride at her shower, and decided I wanted to include a Bible verse relating to marriage. Proverbs 31 (The Wife of Noble Character section) seemed like an appropriate passage. The problem was, I could not decide on a portion of this scripture, and it was too long to fit on the card if entirely written out. My solution? Create a personalized gift with this entire passage printed out, to include with my store-bought present. What gift? A bookmark would work nicely.

Out came the supplies:

bookmark supplies


I chose a piece of cardstock with a pattern I thought appropriate, and colored printer paper that complemented the pattern. In my scrapbooking supplies, I found a template to use for the shape (but extended the length.)

To create your own bridal bookmark:

  •  Type out the verse/message you want to use – Print on plain paper first to check sizing for your template.
  •  Print out the verses/message on the colored paper you’ve chosen. Tip: Use her wedding colors.
  •  Cut card stock and print-out to size and shape desired. Use template or customize.
  •  Using scrapbooker’s adhesive, attach the print-out to the card stock.
  •  Using a single hole punch, create a hole in the top for the string.
  •  Cut string much longer than desired length to have plenty to work with, loop trough hole, and tie off.
  • Make additional loop to create three pieces for braiding. Braid string and tie off end, leaving extra length     for the tassel.

Voila! Simple, inexpensive, yet personalized and meaningful gift for the bride-to-be.

bookmark back finished        bookmark text finished3

Back                                                                                     Front


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