Cheers To My Dad

Thinking of my dad today – Edward Lee Jones 11/14/43-5/19/10

One of my fond memories of him is laughing together as we stayed up late to watch Cheers (and usually munch on Little Debbies.) I’m planning to travel to Boston this summer, and will be thinking of him again when I visit the real Cheers and the show replica.

The following scene is particularly memorable, as one of our favorites. We both found it really funny, and would bring it up occasionally, to laugh again.

My dad had a great sense of humor. He could tell a story, crack a joke, or simply act goofy and easily make me (and others) laugh. I miss him, but am grateful for the many laughter-filled memories.

Thanks for all the smiles, Dad.

Still love you with all my heart, bricks, and blood.

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