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Cute as a peach!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a…watermelon?

watermelon carriage


My mom saw this idea on facebook a few days before she and I were throwing a baby shower for my sister. We decided to give it a try. I thought it turned out really cute! Here’s the easy schmeasy step by step.

1. Cut section of watermelon away, to form carriage shape.

watermelon cutting

2. Dig out inside of watermelon to make room for the “baby” and fruit blanket.

watermelon empty

3. Fill with selection of fruit. We used sliced strawberries, blueberries, and grapes.

watermelon fruit

4. Slice an orange to create the wheels.

watermelon orange

5. Attach wheels with toothpicks, using grapes or blueberries to create center of wheel spokes.

6. Create the baby face. Use toothpicks to attach grapes and blueberries to a peach, creating eyes and nose for the baby. Cut a hole to insert a pacifier in the peach. You may have to cut the pacifier as well, to get it to lay flat, and/or insert toothpicks in the holes of the pacifier to hold it in place. (The peach just wasn’t sucking on the pacifier enough to keep it in its mouth!)

watermelon carriage head

Possible modifications:

Maybe because it’s early in the season, we could not find a very large watermelon. If a larger one is used, a cantaloupe with the rind removed can be used for the head, and a grapefruit can create the wheels.

7. Display at your baby shower for a fun and creative way to serve fruit!

watermelon carriage3

My mother gets all the credit for this –  for finding the idea, and for doing the carving and assembling. Nice job, Mom!

What did I do?

I carried a watermelon.

Baby Shower Favors: A honey of an idea

pooh baby

The following idea is not completely original with me. I saw something similar somewhere on the interweb, modified it for the Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower I was throwing, and came up with these cute “hunny pots:”




  • Jars/Hunny Pots
    $1.99 at Hobby Lobby – on sale for $0.99
    Roughly 2 fluid ouncesjar
  • Honey
    The calculations for the amount I needed were a bit sticky. I used the 2 oz size of the jars to estimate how much honey I would need to fill them. After purchasing the honey, I realized it is sold by net weight, not fluid ounces. Oops. I ended up going back and getting more. Roughly 80 ounces filled 25 jars.
  • Paper Trimmer
    This was used to cut the labels – 25 printed on one page of card stock
  • Hole Punch (not pictured)
  • Ribbon
    Dollar Store – 1 spool with 100ft each of blue, yellow, white, & pink (blue and yellow used only)
  • Scissors

Easy schmeasy step by step:

1. Fill the jars with the honey – be sure to leave room for the lid, which inserts inside the pot


2. Cut approximately 12″ of blue ribbon and tie around neck of jar

tie ribbon

3. Curl ribbon using scissors

curl ribbon

4. Attach label

  •  These were created using Microsoft Word. Pick your favorite font, some clip art found online, and create a label for your party. This can also be done in Microsoft Publisher. Once you have one label created, simply copy and paste the contents into each square of a table (I needed 25, so a 5×5 table in Word worked). The labels/squares are approximately 1.25″ x 1″
  •  Print on card stock, cut apart with paper trimmer, and hole punch
  •  Cut approx. 4″ of yellow ribbon
  •  Attach label to jar by tying yellow ribbon onto blue ribbon
  •  Cut off excess yellow ribbon

cards        attach card

5. Enjoy your adorable party favors!

hunny pots








pooh with honey

“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.”
– Winnie the Pooh