The situation seemed hopeless. No one could be found. No one. No one who could do the one thing that needed to be done. The one thing that would set things in motion…that would set all things right. So he wept. And wept. But then… Someone said to him the simple but powerful words thatContinue reading “DO NOT WEEP. BEHOLD, THE LION”

What if I craved Jesus more than sugar?

  I wonder what my life would look like if I craved Jesus as much as I crave sugar – or even more. How much more would my desire be for Him? How much more effort would I make to know Him? How much more of each day would be focused on Him? I’d craveContinue reading “What if I craved Jesus more than sugar?”

Did Jesus tell jokes?

Have you seen Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ? If so, the scenes that stand out in your mind are probably those of Jesus beaten, tortured, and crucified. Eleven years after the movie release, I still vividly remember the 39 lashes (although not all of it, because I eventually had to close my eyes.)Continue reading “Did Jesus tell jokes?”