The Sacrifice


He came into this world,

no glory, crown, or fame,

just a simple little manger,

Jesus was his name.


No palace marked his birth,

no riches or a throne,

just a humble servant child,

Son of God, flesh and bone.


As He grew He learned

His purpose.

His Father’s business was

His own.

To Him the sacrifice he’d make

one day,

was always known.


He expected no praise,

power He did not seek.

He was simply there to save,

to help the lost and meek.


He served with love until the day

when persecution had arrived.

His enemies rose up

against Him,

but He knew He would survive.


And as they nailed Him to

the cross,

He gazed upon each face,

and asked His Father

to forgive them,

a show of His eternal grace.


They mocked Him, beat Him,

put Him in the tomb,

placed the stone in front,

and sealed the room.


But three days passed,

and victory He claimed,

when the stone was rolled away,

“He has risen” was proclaimed.


The same child of the manger,

the humble servant one.

His resurrection a hope for all.

All pain and suffering done.


So as one thinks of baby Jesus,

remember what He’s done,

His birth so long ago,

the death of God’s own son.


And as one gazes at the cross,

remember the tears He cried,

as He hung there,

He saw your face,

“This blood’s for you”

– and died.










Excerpt from Random Thoughts by Kerry Nenn



Published by knenn11

Author and Freelance Writer Striving to glorify God in all I do.

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