My husband called from the other room, “Look out back! There’s a rainbow!” Since I enjoy rainbow sightings immensely, I rushed to the window. Here’s what I saw: It was beautiful, so I stepped outside to get a better look. And I’m so glad I did! What a blessing from God to walk into myContinue reading “GOD’S PROMISES ARE BEAUTIFUL”

What Does This Mean?

I was probably about 12 years old. We were on our way home from church, and my cousin, who was visiting from out of town, had attended the service with us. Her church background was very different from mine, so the question she posed during our car ride home should not have surprised me, butContinue reading “What Does This Mean?”

A Rat Toy for Valentine’s Day?

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day. No, my husband did not surprise me with a rat toy this morning. In honor of this day of love, I wanted to share a thought that’s been tumbling around in my heart a lot lately. It has, in fact, been changing my heart since I first heard itContinue reading “A Rat Toy for Valentine’s Day?”

When the Penguin Talks Back

Picture a cute little penguin in a red ball cap, carrying a blue lunch box. This is Petra, a character I created for one of my children’s books. I sent him on an adventure, during which his encounters include an octopus searching for eight shoes, a juggling walrus with only one tusk, and a gigglingContinue reading “When the Penguin Talks Back”

Fill ‘er up, God!

I’m not a coffee drinker. Never have been. My taste buds don’t crave that bean. They prefer the sweeter cocoa variety. With an overarching saccharine inclination, my beverage choices lean toward hot chocolate, sweet tea, fruit juices, and, when I want to get really crazy, Mountain Dew. As tasty as these treats are, at the endContinue reading “Fill ‘er up, God!”