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24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day


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Is your day slipping by without prayer? Do you keep waiting for the perfect time or some peace and quiet? In the midst of the busyness, the stress, the to-do’s and the to-don’ts, those moments never seem to come. But they don’t have to. God gives us moments throughout our daily chaos to call out to him. We simply need to recognize them. When we do, prayer is no longer something we try to work into our day. It becomes our day.

24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day gives insight into these prayer opportunities and teaches readers two dozen ways to transform each moment of the day into time with God.

Blessed Beyond Measure

I am so excited about this latest opportunity God has provided! If you or someone you know is looking for a transforming prayer tool, please check out my new book.

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When the Penguin Talks Back

Picture a cute little penguin in a red ball cap, carrying a blue lunch box. This is Petra, a character I created for one of my children’s books. I sent him on an adventure, during which his encounters include an octopus searching for eight shoes, a juggling walrus with only one tusk, and a giggling pirate.

What if one day, as I was reading over this story, Petra decided to offer some feedback? What if he jumped off the page, turned to me, opened his beak, and out came the following:

“Hey, why do I have to wear a red hat? I really prefer orange. And what’s with the lunch of three fish? You couldn’t have made it five? Why is it that I have to meet those pirates? I was really scared for a minute there. What’s up with that walrus anyway? She’s so annoying! Couldn’t you have given me easier friends to be around? Oh, and this igloo I travel in is a bit small, and a skylight would have been nice. What were you thinking when you wrote all this?”

I imagine my response would go something like this:

“Seriously? I created you. I’m the author. Who are you to question me? I have the right to do whatever I want with your story. I didn’t even have to provide you with a lunch. I could have let those pirates eat you instead of laugh with you and give you treasure. I could make you swim your entire journey instead of giving you a nice igloo and iceberg for your travels. Besides, I knew how I wanted your story to end before I even wrote one word, and knew the best situations to craft to get you there. Most importantly, don’t you realize I could have chosen to not create you at all? Or, even now, I could hit that delete key and say goodbye to Petra. I won’t though, because I love your character, and want to share you with others, and even write additional books about more adventures. I have not given up on you, and continue to shape your story and submit you to publishers, despite the heartache from rejection letters. I believe you are worth it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if children read about you, grew to love you, and your stories made me the household name Dr. Seuss is? My perspective from out here is a bit bigger than yours. Try to remember who’s the pen and who’s the penguin. Remember, I can do all this, because it’s actually my story, not yours.”

I’m thankful for this insight into our relationship with the Lord. How quick are we to question our creator, the author of our salvation? How quick are we to doubt His goodness? Question his methods? Complain about his writing? God, please forgive us for our pride, our self-righteousness, our self-centeredness, our doubt. Help us seek your glory as you write our story. Thank you for speaking to this writer in a way she can understand. Help us all remember:

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:2

And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him, Hebrews 5:9

See also Job 38-41

Kerry Nenn – Author!

I’ve been writing poems and short stories since old enough to wield a pen. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dream of being a published author some day.

30 years later, that day has finally arrived. My first book, Random Thoughts, has been published! It is now available on Amazon.com.

Waiting so long for something makes its arrival feel a bit strange. It’s not how I expected. I wonder if anything ever is. Part of me wants to shout from the rooftops, give a big Woohoo! and attempt the cartwheels I haven’t done since those days when this dream first began. Another part of me thinks I can’t make a big deal of it because…well, that’s the question. I feel like my heart is being held back…in an attempt at humility? because I’m afraid no one will like it? because people publish books every day so in the grand scheme of things it’s not that grand? because it took so much longer than I had hoped, so now it’s more relief that it’s done than excitement that I feel? because I would love to be able to show it to my dad, and it’s two years too late? because it’s so much more exciting and significant to me than everyone else around me? I’m sure it’s some combination of those things, and more.

What I do know is that I’m grateful to be published. I thank God for the opportunity and pray the book is a blessing to at least one person out there.

I also know I do not plan to stop here. God willing, we will next see a children’s book by Kerry Nenn.

I wonder what it will feel like to see that in print.