Good Enough? Part One

I’ve written how analyzing can be paralyzing. Perfectionism can be a similar paralytic. As a perfectionist, I don’t want to do something if it will only be good, not great. When the bar is set at perfection, it’s often hard to even try. It can stop me before I get a chance to start. ItContinue reading “Good Enough? Part One”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #1 – FEAR

If you asked me what it’s like to finally pursue my dream of writing, the honest answer is: Terrifying. Yes, there is excitement and delight, and many other things weighing in on the positive side, but, the scale is often tipped by the heavy burden of fear. I can’t remember a time when I didn’tContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #1 – FEAR”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers

One Fish Two Fish Read Fish Blue Fish. It wasn’t long after this stage of reading that you began dreaming of writing your own clever yarn. You found the place Where the Sidewalk Ends and could not wait to compose your own prose. Since those Berenstain Bears days, you’ve had the itch to craft a story, tell a tale, smith someContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers”