Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #7 – Greed

Do you agree? Is it true? Is greed good? Spoiler alert! Things don’t turn out great for Mr. Gekko. I doubt Michael Douglas’s character would be a good role model. In fact, another wealthy man, richer even than Gekko, offers a different philosophy: One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, butContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #7 – Greed”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #6 – Gluttony

Some people eat to live. Some people live to eat. I’m a card-carrying member of the latter crowd. Yes, as I sit here with the seven extra pounds I packed on over the holidays I recently ate my way through, I have no doubt about which of these people I am. My pastor recently saidContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #6 – Gluttony”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers #5 – Pride

  God opposes it. It comes before a fall. No, not that. Nope, not that either. This. Pride goes before destruction,     a haughty spirit before a fall. This is the deadly sin that set us in opposition to God, reigns in our hearts, fills us with sin, and takes us over the cliff. Pride can interfereContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers #5 – Pride”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #2 – SLOTH

An amazing thing happened last Tuesday. A representative from Random House showed up at my home to offer me a publishing contract. I hadn’t written a single query, composed one proposal, or even researched publishing companies. She said one of their editors came across my blog the week before and simply fell in love withContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #2 – SLOTH”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers

One Fish Two Fish Read Fish Blue Fish. It wasn’t long after this stage of reading that you began dreaming of writing your own clever yarn. You found the place Where the Sidewalk Ends and could not wait to compose your own prose. Since those Berenstain Bears days, you’ve had the itch to craft a story, tell a tale, smith someContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers”