Good Enough? Part One

I’ve written how analyzing can be paralyzing. Perfectionism can be a similar paralytic. As a perfectionist, I don’t want to do something if it will only be good, not great. When the bar is set at perfection, it’s often hard to even try. It can stop me before I get a chance to start. ItContinue reading “Good Enough? Part One”

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #1 – FEAR

If you asked me what it’s like to finally pursue my dream of writing, the honest answer is: Terrifying. Yes, there is excitement and delight, and many other things weighing in on the positive side, but, the scale is often tipped by the heavy burden of fear. I can’t remember a time when I didn’tContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #1 – FEAR”