Shaped for Social Solitude?

Here’s a conundrum. My passions are writing and relationships. (Combining these, I love to write about relationships.) What’s the challenge? I can easily get too busy writing, researching markets and avenues of publication, and submitting work, to have time for the relationships about which I’m trying to write. Travel too far down this road andContinue reading “Shaped for Social Solitude?”

Text From Heaven

The low-tech status of my less-than-smart flip phone did not stop God from texting me this week. Typed by the faithful fingers of a friend, it was sent directly from God’s hand. That is the only way to explain its impact. It was a direct and precise answer to prayer, with absolute perfect timing, andContinue reading “Text From Heaven”

For Crying Out Loud

Saturday night: It was one of those movies with an impossible soundtrack. Dialogue is at a near whisper and action scenes threaten to burst eardrums, making it impossible to find a comfortable volume. Not wanting to miss any of the Oscar-caliber acting scenes of 2010: Moby Dick, we opted for cranking it up.   OurContinue reading “For Crying Out Loud”