Shaped for Social Solitude?

solitutdeHere’s a conundrum. My passions are writing and relationships. (Combining these, I love to write about relationships.) What’s the challenge? I can easily get too busy writing, researching markets and avenues of publication, and submitting work, to have time for the relationships about which I’m trying to write. Travel too far down this road and I run out of material because I’m walking it alone. social

I look at is this way:

If I’m no longer spending time in the relationship pool, I have nothing to wring out of my towel to drip onto the page.

Too much time in the relationship pool and I drown any opportunities to write.

As I dive into the world of writing, I pray God helps me keep afloat. It’s a tough balance. Make time for the relationships supplying the material, but make time to write the material. Spend lots of time alone with a laptop sharing greater insight into being with others. (Did I just achieve juxtaposition? Or perhaps something ironic. Maybe Alanis could clarify. Don’t you think?)alanis ironic

At any rate, (currently a low one, since no one is paying me for this post) I hope to learn to juggle this well. I suppose anyone with a fervent hobby or demanding job faces similar struggles. I simply find this one particularly paradoxical.

Fortunately, I believe God has equipped me for this by shaping me into an introverted extrovert – or it may be extroverted introvert – I can’t quite decide. I can be quiet, reflective, reserved, and self-entertaining, but that is not enough forever. I also have a strong desire for social interaction, a drive toward community, and a passion for people that will not allow me to isolate for long. I suppose it’s a good mix. I never really thought about it until just now that this is one way God has shaped and equipped me to be a writer.

What about you? Have you ever sensed a dichotomy in your life? Have you struggled to find a balance? I bet there are a great many things you have learned or can learn through this toil. Have you thought about how God has shaped you? How he might be using this aspect of your personality or life  to accomplish certain things? Possibly in ways that on the surface don’t make sense at all?

I believe there is truth in the saying:


I also believe we are all created uniquely, with specific gifts and talents, and even weaknesses, to be used in ways we often can’t currently comprehend.

So, how has God equipped you?


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4 thoughts on “Shaped for Social Solitude?

  1. I can relate to this so much. I’m an introvert in love with writing but I also love deep conversations with people and know relationships are so important. I like the idea of combining the two: using writing to be intentional about relationships and vice versa.

  2. Great post, Kerry. As I read it, the picture that came to mind was one of those fill-up-and-dump buckets at kids’ water parks. Doubt I can embed this video, so here’s a url:

    It seems cyclical to me…
    You fill up [with experiences] on relationship, then pour out into your writing.
    You fill up [with spiritual and emotional energy] on solitude (with the Lord, right?), then pour out into your relationships.

    So, doesn’t seem like a both-at-the-same-time juxtaposition thing, but rather an ebb-and-flow balance thing. What do you think?

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