Feeling Honored

Poetry-ContestCongratulations to the winners of the 10th annual poetry contest celebrating the Crystal Lake Public Library’s 100th Anniversary.

Pictured at left from left to right: Sharon Davis (1st Place Adult Contest); Reese Grindstaff (3rd Place Young Adult Contest); Alanna Taubin (1st Place Young Adult Contest); Kerry Nenn (Honorable Mention Adult Contest).  Other winners (not pictured): Michael Penkava (2nd Place Adult Contest); Sue Haslwanter (3rd Place Adult Contest); Victoria Tabert (2nd Place Young Adult Contest); Amy Ciavarella (Honorable Mention Young Adult Contest).

     Even if 4th place did not earn me one of the prizes, I was still excited to accept my certificate and read my winning poem to a (very small) audience at the Crystal Lake library. Among the listeners were my husband, whose sweet support I so appreciate, and my church group, whom he made arrangements with to be there too. I feel very blessed. I am praising God for this opportunity and for the great people He has placed in my life.

Below is my entry. Enjoy, but beware, I’m told it makes readers hungry.


My stomach has a craving
but it won’t tell me for what.
There’s a growling, a gnawing,
way deep in my gut. 

I’ve tried pickles and peanuts
and popcorn and pie.
Nothing will stop it
and I don’t know why. 

Donuts and ding dongs,
a decadent delight,
lollipops and licorice,
all candy in sight. 

Jelly beans and jawbreakers
just won’t do it,
not even bubble gum,
no matter how I chew it. 

What’s left to try?
On this quest for perfection,
to find the right taste,
I’ve tried every confection. 

I’ve raided the cabinets
and searched through the drawers.
I emptied the fridge,
and even made s’mores. 

Nothing seems to stop it.
No food will match
this hunger I have –
it’s an itch I can’t scratch. 

Not chocolate, or ice cream
or waffles with butter.
A different idea –
dare I mutter? 

What if I tried something else?
Could the craving be so stealthy?
Is it actually possible
that I want something healthy?


Published by knenn11

Author and Freelance Writer Striving to glorify God in all I do.

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