A Man of Many Talents

dad kerry drawing fixed2

This sketch, based on a photo of me at age 2, was drawn by my dad, Edward Lee Jones, 11/14/43-5/19/10. Remembering him today, and his many talents.

In addition to displaying artistic ability, he could:

  • keep a household appliance or family car running long after its natural life.
  • be a real-life MacGyver and create whatever was needed for a situation out of whatever he found in the basement. This includes the best mouse-trap vehicle my seventh grade science teacher had ever seen (until he saw it again three years later when my sister had him too.)
  • fill a room with laughter with his constant joking or the retelling of a crazy childhood story.
  • entertain us with his guitar picking. His acoustic guitar was always propped in a corner of the dining room. While he didn’t have any formal lessons, he had picked up enough to strum a few cords and play a handful of songs. Jimi Hendrix or Elvis, no, but it’s still a fond memory.
  • act as chauffeur, ATM, handyman, pool boy, baker, comedian, nurse, musician, and father all in one day.
  • make his daughter feel very loved.

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