One Tag. One Gift. A Lifetime of Impact

You’re a seven-year-old boy who will not be getting the soccer ball he wants this Christmas. You are a six-year-old girl who won’t be receiving the coat you need this winter. You will not be opening presents with your parents on Christmas morning. Why? You are one of the 1.7 million children whose parent is currently incarcerated. Unable to hit the Christmas sales at the mall, unable to present their children with gifts, these parents need your hands and feet to minister to their children when they cannot. Living in surroundings most of us cannot comprehend, these children need you to reach through the bars and bring them hope this season.

How? Angel Tree.

It could happen like this.
Susan casually chooses a tag off the tree in her church foyer.  On it is a gift request. This will be a good project to let the kids help with, she thinks. Susan takes the tag home. She shows it to her kids, who agree to go shopping with her to purchase a gift for Jordan, a nine-year-old whose mother has been in prison since he entered preschool. Through Angel Tree, Susan, and her kids, Jordan receives not only the baseball cap he will treasure through high school and into adulthood, but he also hears the message of Christ and begins to know the love of God.

As you are making your Christmas lists this year, add just one more. You can choose to make a difference in a child’s life. By supporting Angel Tree through the purchase of a gift, or a financial donation, anyone can reach out to these children with hope.

What is Angel Tree?

For 30 years, Angel Tree has provided this opportunity to impact the lives of kids across the nation. Created by a convict who felt and saw a need, this ministry has grown to bless millions of families with both material and spiritual gifts.

During the Christmas season, Angel Tree partners with organizations to purchase gifts for the children of inmates. In the summer, the Angel Tree Camping program offers these kids the opportunity to attend youth camps. Year-round, mentoring programs match children with caring adults who share Christ’s love and offer guidance and support. From school supplies, to sports programs, to hot meals, additional donation opportunities provide support for these children the whole year through.

Ultimately, families are reached with the love and message of Christ. It is with this goal in mind that Angel Tree continues to seek support and extend this outreach.

What can I do?

Every person can make an impact. Share the love of Christ this Christmas through Angel Tree:

  • Register your organization or church to be part of the program. You will receive all you need to create an incredible ministry opportunity for your group.
  • Purchase a gift – simply select a tag from an Angel Tree. You can provide the gift a child might otherwise not receive.
  • Find out more about involvement in the Year-Round Angel Tree ministries. Maybe you would like to be a personal mentor, send a child to camp, or pay for a new backpack in the fall.
  • Donate. Angel Tree offers the opportunity to transform lives. By making a donation, your support will help families receive the hope they so desperately need.
  • Pray for this outreach. The needs are many. The children are many. The prayers must be many.

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