In Rehab and Recovery

No, not me. My writing. Check out the most recent samples of the writing opportunities God has brought to me on and I’ve been so busy writing for other sites, I’ve been neglecting my own, so I thought I’d simply share what I’ve been doing elsewhere. Is Shame A Good Motivator In Recovery?Continue reading “In Rehab and Recovery”

A Taste For Travel

Looking for sneak peeks at America’s tourist destinations? Check out my tablet: Sights, Bites, and Delights at I will be sharing tidbits of my travels each week. My journeying now includes 45 of the states. I hope to hit three more this summer. My goal of visiting all 50 is in sight! What aboutContinue reading “A Taste For Travel”

Analysis Paralysis

                                                                                              Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Where are you on this spectrum? Fly by the seat of your pants? Or are you at the other end, with me? How can you know where you fall? Which would be your response to the following question: “Want to take a trip to Ireland?” “Sure! Sounds great! Let’s go!” Or…Continue reading “Analysis Paralysis”

One Tag. One Gift. A Lifetime of Impact

You’re a seven-year-old boy who will not be getting the soccer ball he wants this Christmas. You are a six-year-old girl who won’t be receiving the coat you need this winter. You will not be opening presents with your parents on Christmas morning. Why? You are one of the 1.7 million children whose parent isContinue reading “One Tag. One Gift. A Lifetime of Impact”