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Good Enough? Part 2

(Click here for Part 1.)

Hello. My name is Kerry, and I’m a perfectionist.

What does this mean? I don’t want to be seen as less than perfect. What’s the bad news? I’m so far from perfect I can’t see it with a telescope. What the good news? Let me rephrase. What’s the great news? The amazingly spectacular awesome life-changing news?

God sees me as perfect.

Imperfect me. All my flaws. All my sin. Through faith in a Savior who died in my place, I am seen by my God as spotless and new.

That’s the good news. That’s the Gospel.

What does that mean? Well, besides making it possible to have a personal relationship with an otherwise unreachable HOLY God, AND eternal life in Him, this means I can find rest from my perfectionism. (And so can you.)

The striving can be so tiring. The constant desire to do everything just right. The insatiable hunger to be better. The worries. The fear of failure. It’s a constant battle to prove  – what, exactly? That we are worthy. That we are better than we actually are. That we are better than others. That we can do what we say we can do. That we aren’t a disappointment, to ourselves or others. That we are good enough. That others can accept us. That God can accept us.

So, have we proven it? Are we worthy? More bad news here. We aren’t. We will never attain perfection. Yes, more good news also follows. Christ is worthy, and He has made it possible for me, an unworthy sinner, to be forgiven, freed, in fellowship with God.

For the strivers like me out there, this should bring rest. Not power-nap rest, or 8-hour rest, or deep-tissue massage rest. True rest. Our strivings are stilled. Our hearts are at peace. We come to a full stop, knowing there is nothing else we should or can do. He has done it already. Just accept the gift.

Listening to the testimony of a woman getting baptized at my church, I was immensely blessed by her wording of this truth. She spoke of struggles similar to mine, and concluded with what God revealed to her:

“You don’t have to. I AM.”

Praise the Lord! He is everything. He has done it all. It is finished.

I can stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.

So, am I good enough?

To this, I can confidently say:

Christ is enough for me.