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A Mother’s Heart

A heart so good,

full of patience, kind.

A heart more loving,

no child could find.


This heart, warm and gentle,

strong, yet ever humble,

always loving the child,

through each victory, every stumble.


Never giving up,

always faithful, never weak.

A strong support of love,

the child can always seek.


Through joy and sadness,

each laugh and each tear,

the child knew her mother’s heart,

could love away each fear.


So full of comfort,

so full of care,

no burden too heavy,

for her mother’s heart to bear.


Always giving,

never taking.

Forever loving,

sometimes aching.


Offering support,

asking nothing in return.

The value of this love,

the child begins to learn.


For as the child becomes a woman,

this love continues its flow,

showing itself in so many ways,

helping the child to grow.


Providing wisdom and guidance,

an example of pure love.

Demonstrating to the child,

grace as from above.


This heart has loved the child

through all that she has done.

The child’s eternal gratitude and love

this mother’s heart has won.


So thank you, Lord, for my mother’s heart

that has given me so much.

A heart so pure and perfect,

I know it has your touch.


Thank you, Lord, for my mother’s heart,

with love so deep and wide,

that has blessed me all my life,

helped me grow from child to bride.


Written for my mom at the time of my wedding, May 29, 1999.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.