Here’s Your Rock Solid Playlist for 2021

As I step into 2021, a year of unknowns, I can take that step with confidence. How?

Because no matter what happens, there’s Another In the Fire, standing next to me. No matter what comes my way, His presence is My Weapon, so I have nothing to fear. Because no matter what others say or do, Lord, I am Who You Say I Am. I am a child of the Good, Good Father. No matter what mistakes I make, God, I’m Still Yours. Because I Am Redeemed by the ultimate Chain Breaker.

And each day, your new mercies are a Blessing Song sung over me, because you are FOR me. And no matter what the future holds, you can Keep Me in the Moment. And in each of those moments, I can taste and see the Goodness of God. Because no matter what trials, terrors, or temptations come, I can rest knowing that Christ Is Enough.

And with these truths playing in my mind, I pray that nothing that comes my way in 2021 will be able to drown out that Old Church Choir singing in my soul.

Rock Solid Playlist for 2021
  1. “Another in the Fire” – Hillsong
  2. “My Weapon” – Natalie Grant
  3. “Who You Say I Am” – Hillsong
  4. “Good, Good Father” – Chris Tomlin
  5. “I’m Still Yours” – Kutless
  6. “Redeemed” – Big Daddy Wave
  7. “Chain Breaker” – Zach Williams
  8. “Blessing Song” – Cody Carnes (NY version)
  9. “Keep Me in the Moment” – Jeremy Camp
  10. “Goodness of God” – Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson
  11. “Christ Is Enough” – Hillsong
  12. “Old Church Choir” – Zach Williams

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Author and Freelance Writer Striving to glorify God in all I do.

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