Whatcha doin’ in heaven today?

Are you sitting on the front steps
of a house with many rooms?
Singing Swaggart’s songs,
all his melodies of old?
Plucking on a guitar
that’s never out of tune? 

Maybe you’re driving a classic car
up and down heaven’s golden strip.
One that never needs repairs
since everything
is always new. 

Do you drink ice cold Pepsi every day?
Enjoy Little Debbies unending?
Taste pineapple upside down cake
any time you want?
Are you munching
on these snacks
with a brand new set
of pearly whites? 

Are you discussing his writing
over cups of coffee with Paul?
Or swapping stories ‘bout your kids
with Isaac and Noah?
Maybe you’re sympathizing
with Joseph,
as one of twelve yourself,
sharing tales of hand-me-downs,
family matters, and sibling woes. 

Are you gathered ‘round the throne,
praising like you never have before,
in church every single day,
when you’d never go on earth?
Standing next to people
from every tribe and nation? 

Are you basking in Sonshine,
where it’s never cold,
never windy,
never raining?
In a place full of warmth,
and radiant colors
A paradise beyond
your wildest Lotto dreams? 

Are you checking in
on us down here?
Are you allowed
to see the ones you left behind?
Can you read the words I write?
See your newborn grandson
smile at you? 

I’m not too sure
of all the details of heaven.
My Father hasn’t
told me those.
But I bet you quit smoking,
and swear a little less.
It probably helps
that you don’t have to
fix a broken something every day. 

I do know
whatever you’ve been doing,
t’s no comparison to here.
So I may cry the tears
you don’t in heaven,
as I miss you in this moment,
but I’ll also smile
as I know you must be.
All pain and sorrow gone,
all suffering done. 

Just time unending with the Lord.
You’re better off,
you’re truly home,
whatever you’re doing in heaven today. 

for Edward Lee Jones 11/14/43-5/19/10


Published by knenn11

Author and Freelance Writer Striving to glorify God in all I do.

4 thoughts on “Whatcha doin’ in heaven today?

  1. This is lovely Kerry.I know it doesn’t get easier with time. Thinking of you in your loss. With love, Sara

    Connected by Motorola

  2. Kerry, this is a tender, intimate memorial. Your father must feel your love as he listens to celestial tunes. Thank you for sharing.

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