Punxsutawney Prozac, Please

Groundhog Day2

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The cause of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.

This winter has put me in the shoes of Phil Connors. Bill Murray’s performance in this role makes Groundhog Day a classic in my book. I love the movie. I like living it less.

I feel like I’ve been stuck inside doing the same routine for about five months now, and that does not go well with my personality. Although I am very much a planner and like to be organized, I start to go a bit crazy if things don’t switch up every so often…in a controlled way.

From wearing practically the same seven outfits every week because nothing else is warm enough, to doing the same exercise routine too many mornings in a row because it gets me to work at the same time each day, to driving through yet another snow storm (even on the first day of spring!), to rehashing the same problems around me that have been going on for years…it’s gotten old.

As I mentioned in my previous post: If my joy is based in the weather, I’m looking to the wrong Son.

But, God has also revealed to me that part of the winter blues is simply boredom. So, in addition to prayer to stay focused on Christ and find joy there, I have made little changes, and plan to make more. I’m doing things to alter my surroundings, shake things up, and shift my focus from the winter routine. It’s surprising the difference small things can make.


  • I did a different workout one morning – and a different one the next.
  • I ate dinner at the dining table in my basement for a change of scenery.
  • I checked my email while sitting in the basement, rather than my usual spot upstairs.
  • I had pizza for dinner on a weeknight, even though that’s usually a weekend treat.
  • I changed my commute by taking a different route to work. (and it turned out to be faster!)
  • I started reading a new book.
  • I made a list of Spring Spruce-Ups for my house I want to complete in the upcoming weeks.
  • I wore a shirt that had been tucked away in my closet for a while.
  • I am going on a two-night romantic get-away with my sweet husband.
  • I switched my morning Bible reading from the middle of the Old Testament to Psalms.
  • I wore a crazy green hat to work for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • I went through my books and cleared off two entire shelves by selling and gifting books I no longer want or need.
  • I went through my closet and donated any winter shirts I still hadn’t worn this season.
  • I met a friend at Dunkin Donuts on a Thursday night – a time usually reserved for household chores.
  • I plan to shift the focus of my prayers to include more thanksgiving.
  • I blogged about feeling like Phil in Groundhog Day.

I also plan, with God’s help, to change my attitude. If you think about it, when did Phil’s fate change? When he accepted it and tried to make the best use of his situation. When he got the focus off himself and began loving and serving others. My hope is to do the same.

Now it’s your turn.

Better weather should be arriving soon. Maybe tomorrow even. But, maybe we can make today tomorrow.

grondhog day5

My challenge to you is to share your seasonal secrets here.

Have you done anything to fight the Polar Vortex in its attempt to suck the joy out of life? Is there something you would recommend to shake off any melancholy mood that Jack Frost tries to bring with him?

What’s your Punxsutawney Prozac? Respond; repost; revive another reader’s spirit.

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4 thoughts on “Punxsutawney Prozac, Please

  1. Kerry, thanks for sharing your message on surviving the polar vortex. It didn’t hit me as hard, although I tired of wearing the same clothes every week and the same snow boots every day for nearly 4 months. I started a new workout and also was lucky enough to swim on the coldest, snowiest days. The immersion in the water refreshes my soul, cleanses my thoughts, and invigorates my body. I also avoided my daily routine of desserts, and amazingly stopped craving them. I am looking forward to getting out more, and dreading the hot day this summer when I yearn for the polar vortex to peek in on me.

  2. Hey Kerry! This is such a good blog post. You’re a great writer. You even included the appropriate clips from GroundHog Day! Love the title of your blog, too!

    As you know, I have enjoyed this winter, even though it’s my least favorite season in a nutshell. I love to sit on the couch at dawn with my cup of coffee and my Bible and watch the birds while I pray. (Nature is my love language with God, and I feel most connected to Him when I am near/in nature.) Those silly birds remind me of a hundred things I have to be grateful for–my family, my home, my backyard, money to afford feeding them and us, my flock (church and small group), and most of all–the God who created them and who knows when each of them falls to the ground, as well as all of our needs.

    It’s been fun to watch the different birds come and go with the change of the seasons. Now they’re all flirting. God feeds each of them, and there are more than we can count. They’re always singing their God-given song, so I try to sing mine. I spend a bit of time just thanking God for all of the myriads of blessings He’s sovereignly chosen to bestow upon me –and sometimes I never get to supplication (my least favorite time of prayer).

    I don’t know if that answered your question…..

  3. Great blog! I’m happy that you found ways to switch things up. The only thing I’ve come up with for the winter boredom and depression has been thrifty crafts. This works for me because we need so much in this former bachelor pad where we live. Unless you have a lot of stuff in your basement or attic, you have to go to thrift stores tho, so that maybe doesn’t work so well when it’s freezing and/or bad weather. Quilting would be great, but I don’t like to sew and I know you don’t either. And there’s reading. 🙂

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