Shall we play a game?

I have found that gaming is the secret passageway to one’s personality. If you really want to get to know someone, play a game with them. Yes, you can try the yawn-inducing mundane questions: ‘What do you do for a living?’ ‘Where do you live?’ Oh, and ‘Did you grow up in this area?’ (That’s a good one.) You will gather many tidbits of information and be capable of writing a very factual report on the person by the end of the night.

Or…you can swim into deeper waters and find out how they perform when asked to draw the word “hallucination,” or imitate Jim Carrey, or get a teammate to say the word “goodbye” without saying “hello.” Learn the inner workings of their brain as you discover what they associate with the color red, what job they feel they were made for, or what they see in an inkblot. Glean their heart state as you witness their ability to win, to lose, and to work as a team. Analyze their skills as you discover their aptitudes for learning, negotiation, and strategy. Note their idiosyncrasies or diagnose disorders as they arrange game pieces and playing cards. (Mine are always very orderly.)

It really is a unique view into the depths of another’s psyche. Someone should have told Freud he didn’t need a couch, just a deck of Bicycle cards or a board with a Free Parking space.

Games induce laughter, thought, and communication at a new level. They help reveal different sides of self that mere conversation over coffee cannot draw out.

So, the next time you are faced with new faces, or even old ones, do yourself a favor and take the shortcut. Deal ‘em, roll ‘em, set ‘em up. It’s always a win.

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7 thoughts on “Shall we play a game?

  1. Kerry – I love your new blog! Your topic is quite poignant; I had to chuckle since you are friends of my son who is a big gamer. I’m sure you have learned “the inner workings” of his brain! 🙂 Anyway, nice blog, thanks for sharing.


  2. Kerry,
    This is a very insightful way of looking at those monthly occurances you have dubbed “game night!” It is very true that you can gleen LOTS of info (including those initial and often ackward questions) with just a deck of cards(or four) and some good conversation. It removes a lot of the guard that we often have up when meeting new people and breaks the ice. We really miss game night with you guys and are thinking about starting up one with some of our new church friends down here in Riverton. The example that you all have set for us really has changed our lives but unfortunately, with us living so far away and with 1 (soon to be 2) little ones, it has made it almost impossible to come but please know, that we don’t forget the great times we’ve had and the ones we hope to have sometime in the future when we do get another chance to come up!


  3. Very insightful and well-written, Kerry! Hm, I’m thinking now about all the things I’ve learned about *you* over the years playing games. Sold!, anyone? 😉

  4. In other words, when you play a game with somebody, there are SO MANY OPTIONS, to get to know the person…lol!

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