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T-Rex In My Closet

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T-Rex front cover 11-12-21

There’s a T-Rex in my closet, and I don’t know what to do!
There’s a T-Rex in my closet…maybe one, or two!


And…the child’s imagination is off and running. What’s that T-Rex doing in there? And just how many dinosaurs might be hiding behind that door? Will you be brave enough to open it up and see? 

  • Great read-aloud and read-along for ages 3-7.
  • Engaging story encourages counting.
  • Child-friendly font helps little ones learn to read.
  • Fun, colorful illustrations for smiles and giggles.


Perfect Friendships for Imperfect People

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It’s not easy. When you step off the playground, out of the classroom, and into the world of career and family, friendships are harder to define, develop, and maintain. What do healthy adult friendships look like? How can you be a better friend? And is it possible for imperfect friendships to glorify God?

Find answers to these questions and more with this personal map to guide you on the winding road of friendship. Scripture, testimonies, and practical applications help you discover how to establish and maintain biblical friendships and how they can bring glory to God.

  • Learn what the Bible says about friendship
  • Discover how to be a better friend
  • Learn how to glorify God in friendships
  • Discover how to be a friend of God

Special features:
Friendship Assessment “Which Bible Friend Are You?” – Are you a Jonathan? A Ruth? Take the quiz to find out which biblical friend you most resemble and how this affects your relationships.

Chew & Do – Dig into a different aspect of friendship with each chapter, then use the Chew & Do sections for personal reflection, discussion, and immediate life application.

Small Group or individual study – 13 brief chapters are ideal for a quarter-long study for women’s, men’s or mixed adult groups.

24 Ways series:

Living out the Greatest Commandment every hour of every day.

This four-part series is designed to help you live out the greatest commandment:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30

This is a tough one to fulfill. What does following this command look like in day-to-day life? The 24 Ways series seeks to answer this question.

24 Ways To Serve Through Your Day

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“Serve one another in love.” Galatians 5:13

Do you want to serve but can’t find the time? Maybe you’re unsure what you have to offer. When you think about serving, what comes to mind? Saturdays at the soup kitchen? Mission trips to Mozambique? These are great ministries, but they might not be for you. Maybe it’s time to rethink your definition of serving.

Try this: serve those around you every day. We all encounter ways to serve others in our day-to-day lives, but we often overlook them. 24 Ways To Serve Through Your Day helps you recognize these opportunities and develop a habit of serving. You will discover you don’t have to schedule, scramble or be a superstar to serve. Simply seize the serving opportunities right in front of you. As you do, you’ll develop the heart of a servant and start living a Galatians 5:13 life.

On these pages, you’ll find practical, daily steps to develop a loving, humble heart of serving – to love Him with all your heart.

24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day

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“Pray continually.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Is your day slipping by without prayer? Do you keep waiting for the perfect time or some peace and quiet? In the midst of the busyness, the stress, the to-do’s and the to-don’ts, those moments never seem to come. But they don’t have to. God gives us moments throughout our daily chaos to call out to him. We simply need to recognize them. When we do, prayer is no longer something we try to work into our day. It becomes our day.

Gain insight into these prayer opportunities with 24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day and learn two dozen ways to transform each moment of the day into time with God.

On these pages, you’ll find practical, daily steps to strengthen your communication with God, to love Him with all your soul.


24 Ways To Meditate Through Your Day

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“Meditate on it day and night.” Joshua 1:8

“Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” ~ Joshua 1:8

Does this sound impossible? Your brain is buzzing with day-to-day tasks. Where’s the time and space for meditating on God’s Word? How can you find a quiet place to sit and meditate at all, much less “day and night?”

Here’s the answer: meditate through your day. Not around it. Not instead of it. Through it. Incorporate this practice into everything you do. Infuse it into daily activities so that it becomes part of your life – day and night.

How? 24 Ways to Meditate Through Your Day answers this question. Learn two dozen practical ways to integrate God’s Word into your daily habits. By putting these into practice, you’ll be brought back to the truths of God’s Word – every hour of every day.

On these pages, you’ll find tips to train your brain to meditate on God’s Word day and night – to love Him with all your mind.

24 Ways To Exercise Through Your Day

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“Honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

People say they want to exercise more but never do. How many times have you resolved–and failed–to “get in shape”? Why is it so tough to make this healthy habit a routine? Why do weeks go by without a workout?

Maybe we aren’t looking at exercise in the proper light. Do we want to be healthy–or simply more attractive? Do we want to get fit so we can feel physically desirable–or to serve God with our physical abilities?

When we exercise with the right motives in mind, we transform the activity from physical torture into a spiritual discipline. We can exercise with the desire to honor God with our bodies–to be prepared to do the works He calls us to do.

Still, it’s tough to change habits and develop new disciplines.
That’s why 24 Ways To Exercise Through Your Day offers two dozen simple, practical ways to help you incorporate more activity into your day. These tips are designed to get you moving, keep you moving, and help you take care of the body God has given you–to love Him with all your strength.
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Random Thoughts

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amazon random thoughts cover


Fear and Doubt. Loneliness and Despair. Apathy and Distraction. The same common struggles that connect us are the exact ones that threaten to keep us apart. They distance us from each other and from the Lord.

Through poetry, scripture, and photography, Random Thoughts provides a glimpse into these inner conflicts and offers hope.

Anyone facing the monsters of change, growth, relationships, and career will find their hearts on these pages.

  • Poetry takes you to the heart of the turmoil.
  • Images capture the essence of the emotion.
  • Commentary and scripture provide direction.

Thoughts and emotions are acknowledged, stirred, guided, and “derandomized.”


Northwest Herald, November 20, 2016      Northwest Herald, April 23, 2017

24 Ways getting great reviews:

“Prayer is a necessary nutrient for our life. And within this timeless book, you will be introduced to prayers which will help you thru your day. Even more importantly, you will be taught the power of praying continually in accordance to 1 Thess. 5:17. Most assuredly, there are prayers for just about anything you might not have imagined, such as A Cleansing Prayer: In the shower; On-Queue Prayer: Waiting in line.

Not only are there prayers, but, Kerry has designed what I refer to as “A Prayer Plan” to practice daily, as she states, as a means to “strengthen discipline and develop a habit of turning to God in each moment.”

But, she doesn’t stop there. There is an inspiring message of aspiration to read before you actually engage in each prayer. And your Spirit will be refreshed and your heart stirred thru such powerful statements such as:

”It’s not part of our day. It is our day. Praying becomes as natural, and, dare we say, as frequent, as breathing.”

She adds a little spice by an inviting you to join together and pray; such as; “Calorie burners, let’s pray!” This is most definitely A Must Read book that I know will give you a new perspective on prayer. And you will never pray the same.”

Vernita Simmons, Assistant Publisher/Interview Manager of Faith Filled Family Magazine & Author of inspiring book ~Capturing The Spirit Of God’s Word with Vernita