Personal Bio

I am a full-time freelance writer and prize-winning author. My passion for writing ignited when I was old enough to wield a pen. My days are spent wordsmithing, and, between writing projects, I act as social coordinator, relationship builder, and event planner. Planning and hosting events for friends, family, and church groups allows me to combine my love for creativity and community. Also passionate about the outdoors and sunshine, I bike and hike any time the St. Louis weather allows.

I have been married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Chris, since 1999. With a shared interest in travel, my husband and I completed our goal of visiting all 50 states when we stepped foot in Delaware in 2019. When not traveling or working, you’ll likely find us gathered around a table playing board games (with our two orange tabby cats nearby, fighting over who gets to sit in the open game box).

My desire with all of my writing is twofold:
– To use the talents God has given me to make a positive impact, assisting others in accomplishing their goals.
– To share what God teaches me, to equip others to live victoriously in Christ.

My blog posts offer glimpses into my mind and heart. I invite you to get to know me there.