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An author once told me the most intimidating thing to a writer is the blank page. I wonder, in this age, does a blank web page count? Here I am, faced with the task of establishing a theme, attracting readers, and filling up all this blank cyberspace. A bit intimidating, but, I am up for the challenge.

I present to you the Nenn Pen, Ink blog, where I pour out my heart and soul’s knowledge, thoughts, and experiences concerning relationships – with God, with family, with friends, with self…maybe even pets. My desire is to pass along what God is teaching me through interactions with Him and His creation. My quill will spill into other areas as they flow from the relational focus to the lessons, hobbies, experiences, and interests that cross my path.  It will be interesting to see where God takes this. I welcome you on this journey with me…

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